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Download AuriGaia Mock Catalogues


On this page you can download full versions of the Gaia mock catalogues described by Grand et al. (2018). Note that these are large downloads of up to about 100Gb.

The mock catalogues have been generated for six high resolution halos from the Auriga simulations. Two versions of these mocks exist:

Additionally, each mock has been calculated for four different positions of the Sun. In all cases the Sun is assumed to be 8kpc from the Galactic centre and 0.02kpc above the mid plane of the galactic disk. Mocks have been generated with the Sun 30, 120, 210 and 300 degrees behind the major axis of the bar of the galaxy (where 'behind' means in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the galaxy).

The mocks contain all stars down to an apparent magnitude limit V=16 at all galactic latitudes. Stars with apparent magnitudes 16 < V < 20 are also included at latitudes |b| > 20 degrees. Both the HITS and ICC mocks now include all of these fainter stars (previously the HITS mocks only included a 20% random sample).

Data format and documentation

Each mock catalogue downloaded from this page consists of a single tar file containing HDF5 files with the mock data. The directory structure in the tar files is set up so that multiple downloads may be safely unpacked in the same directory. Please see the Auriga web site for a full description of the file format.

There are also some examples showing how to read the mocks in python in this github repository.


Any updates to the catalogues (bug fixes, improvements etc) will be listed here.


Select mock to download

Halo and mock type:

Angle between the Sun-Galactic centre line and the major axis of the bar: degrees

Download via web browser

Download using the wget command line utility

The wget tool can be used to download mocks from the command line:

	  wget --content-disposition "[download_url]" 
This will write the data as a tar file on your local system with a filename based on the halo name and angle.